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POSC 149: Presidential Elections

Welcome to my course page for Presidential Elections. One of my major goals for this class, was for my students to get some exposure to working with real data. I designed this course to allow for a large amount of hands-on activities. Students work with multiple datasets using Hadley Wickam’s excellent Tidyverse package in R. Some of the planned labs include: working with county-level election returns, scraping twitter for sentiment analysis, and exploring the 2016 CCES.

This page is divided into Lectures, Labs, and Help.


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Here are the lectures for my current class:

Lab 1: Exploring county-level election data

This assignment will be a multi-part lab where you work with county-level election data from the 2012 and 2016 election and demographic data from the Census. County Level election data comes from The Guardian and Townhall, scraped by Tony McGovern.

Extra Help |

Getting to Know Tidyverse


Here’s a tutorial largely adapted from the excellent e-book by Chester Ismay and Albert Y.Kim, An Introduction to Statistical and Data Sciences via R. The tutorial goes over the major functions used for data manipulation in Tidyverse.

Lab 1 Guide

Date: 08/08/17

Here’s a detailed guide to help you work through the first lab assignment.

R for Data Science

Date: 08/08/17

One of the best resources for getting started with R and Tidyverse.

2016 Election Data

Date: 2016

Great Visualization of the 2016 Election at the county level.